Welcome to the SLAM! Community, a hub for physics with Short-Lived Atoms and Molecules

We want to bring together a community of scientists and engineers working across a wide range of fields, including AMO physics, nuclear physics, radiochemistry, physical chemistry, radioactive beams, astrophysics, precision measurement, and more, to realize the opportunities offered by atoms and molecules containing short-lived, radioactive nuclei.

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14 April 2023

We had great SLAM representation at the 2023 APS April Meeting GPMFC Workshop on Precision Measurements in the US Long-Range Plan for Nuclear Physics.

4 February 2023

Whitepaper "Opportunities for Fundamental Physics Research with Radioactive Molecules" has been posted to the arXiv.

Upcoming/Ongoing Events

Mini-Symposium on Heavy Element Spectroscopy at ISMS 2024

Molecules that include heavy elements exhibit unique physical and chemical properties that are often associated with the presence of partially filled f and d orbitals. Their complex electronic structures are being evaluated for applications such as spintronics and the emerging quantum sciences. Heavy element molecules are also being used for precision spectroscopy measurements that probe physics beyond the Standard Model. This symposium will focus on spectroscopic and theoretical studies of heavy element containing molecules, as well as heavy atomic elements.


There will soon be an FRIB User's Group for precision measurements with radioactive isotopes.  Stay tuned for details about how to join.

Job Postings

Fundamental Symmetries Scientist at FRIB/NSCL

FRIB is searching for a Scientist to support fundamental symmetry research at FRIB.  This is a permanent career track position funded by MSU and without teaching duties.  For details see the advertisement or contact Jaideep Singh.

Previous Events

2021 Workshop: New Opportunities for Fundamental Physics Research with Radioactive Molecules (Virtual Meeting).

2022 DAMOP Satellite Meeting.  You may view a recording and the slides of the presentation.

Fundamental Symmetries Workshop @ FRIB (November 2022)

Low Energy Community Meeting @ FRIB, Aug 9-11

New Postings

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